Thalassophile 2.0 // DA Module 3 – Making

Throughout this semester I have focused on each stage of developing my digital artefact. Ideating and prototyping my DA enabled me to build a solid foundation for the continuous development of my digital artefact. Whilst the aim still incorporates promoting womens bodyboarding, throughout the making stage I have attempted to monetise many aspects of my... Continue Reading →


The Toe Dip That (Eventually) Gave Swell Chasers Hope – The Transatlantic Cable

As a surfer, I can not bear the thought of not knowing the local forecast, let alone global. So many surfers and photographers rely on these forecasts to schedule in their time chasing waves. Nothing’s more satisfying than finding out that Aussie Pipe is going to be pumping, whilst the Gong remains at a sad... Continue Reading →

Thalassophile: a lover of the sea 

Bush to Boogin'  was the first article I ever wrote. It was published online to Riptide in 2014. That's where it all started. I had a week of work experience with the magazine company in Burleigh Heads, QLD. My love for writing began and now here I am, commencing my studies at UOW in Communication... Continue Reading →

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