The Simpsons Take A Trip to the Global Village // Understanding the Network Society Paradigm

Within my remediation, I have explored Marshall McLuhan’s concept of “The Global Village”. McLuhan’s concept predicted the internet would become a global nervous system. To develop an understanding of the global village, it is important to remember that the telegraph was ultimately a centralised network. The news that was given was filtered, framed, coordinated and... Continue Reading →


The Toe Dip That (Eventually) Gave Swell Chasers Hope – The Transatlantic Cable

As a surfer, I can not bear the thought of not knowing the local forecast, let alone global. So many surfers and photographers rely on these forecasts to schedule in their time chasing waves. Nothing’s more satisfying than finding out that Aussie Pipe is going to be pumping, whilst the Gong remains at a sad... Continue Reading →

Riptide YOUTH – Dylan O’Brien

Dylan O’Brien is a grom to look out for on the West Coast of Australia. At the age of 14, he’s already set on a future career in surf photography and videography. I caught up with Dylan to find out more about his bodyboarding lifestyle. — SJ: Many of Aussie’s best bodyboarders have come from Western Australia. What’s... Continue Reading →

Car Park Heroes

Some days there’s a lingering hesitance to go for a surf. You just talk yourself out of it because your wetsuit’s wet, or “it’ll be better tomorrow”. Sometimes you “don’t have enough time”. Even though, half the time  it’s all bullshit. If you’re anything like me, you leave feeling like you have just turned a blind eye... Continue Reading →

Naming Taboo – Journalism Ethics

"Even though the people I come from don't have this practice, it doesn't mean I shouldn't have respect for those people that do" - Marcia Langton Journalists not only use images to compliment their work, but also to identify individuals. At times, the chosen images added into a news report can be problematic for the audience... Continue Reading →

YOUTH – Leighann Hashimoto

Here is my Youth interview with Leighann Hashimoto, as seen on Riptide Mag. Meet Leighann Hashimoto!  This 10 year old shredder lives the dream, residing in Ewa Beach, Hawaii. Check out some of her surf and lifestyle shots on Instagram at leigh_hash. Leighann’s favourite move out in the surf is reverse spins. She often practices spins on... Continue Reading →

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