Thalassophile 2.0 // BCM114 Digital Artefact Module 1 – Ideating

Bodyboarding has some what shaped the person I am. Therefore, I found it beneficial to continue and improve an online presence in this area. For my digital artefact, I have continued my project from BCM112. I have recognised from prototyping and testing in BCM112, that the best platform for my DA is Instagram and Riptide Magazine... Continue Reading →


The V.I.P on the Other End of the Phone // Liquid Labour

"Domination can hardly be exercised against self-configurating networks. And democratic control is lost in a global network of multidimensional domination hidden in the complexity of switches."   The paradigm of the network society is evident, as the shift from centralised to distributed networks evolved along with liquid labour.  From the early years of network communication,... Continue Reading →

The Simpsons Take A Trip to the Global Village // Understanding the Network Society Paradigm

Within my remediation, I have explored Marshall McLuhan’s concept of “The Global Village”. McLuhan’s concept predicted the internet would become a global nervous system. To develop an understanding of the global village, it is important to remember that the telegraph was ultimately a centralised network. The news that was given was filtered, framed, coordinated and... Continue Reading →

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