F r e e z e // Framing & Constructing Perception

Framing is a useful tool when creating an online image. "The medium is the message", so you can basically post your way to being almost anything you want - as long as you  utilise selection and salience to frame it correctly. You have to consider the difference between viewing media and making media. The aim is... Continue Reading →


Why Everything is a Game of Jenga // Trajectories of convergence III

No matter what we do, there is always an element that must be stable in order for things to operate. My remediation displays this concept, in terms of bodyboarding. If you take away the fins and wetsuit you could still bodyboard. If you take away the board you could use an esky lid. If you... Continue Reading →

How do you feel about charging Kiama Bombie? / Trajectories of convergence

The paradigm from consuming content to producing it, introduces open ended media. Internet users can change how an audience perceives a video. My remediation seeks different emotions. I repeat the same clip, but with different music, speed and filters. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-E8aHRoKCzw&feature=youtu.be An intense scene with bold colours. Switching to an 'old film' filter, dramatised by the... Continue Reading →

Material Transformation // Glitch art

The paradigm shift of internet craft, allows passive consumers to become active creators. In relation to post industrial culture, production converges with conception. This  dissolves the boundaries between forming ideas and the action of making. The internet allows craftsmanship. “at a speed that keeps pace with thinking and development of ideas”.  With Photomosh, I created this... Continue Reading →

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