Ocean Atmosphere / Public Sphere

Out in the surf discussion is hard to trigger and only starts with one of two options: “How was that wave?” Or a brutal “F*ck off to the end of the line up!” Hanging out in the line up is my Public Sphere (“a metaphor for thinking about how individual human beings come together to... Continue Reading →


Movement of Waves and Media

A majority of the population has ditched traditional media and shifted towards online media platforms. It’s hard to believe that in Australia alone, "21 daily newspapers across Australia's eight capital cities" in 1903 (Dwyer 2016). Online media is cheaper, faster and more convenient. My News comes in the form of photo’s, weather and social media. Within... Continue Reading →

Rage Against the Government

The debut album cover for Rage Against the Machine is not what I had expected it to be. Initially, I thought it was just an edited picture. It is obvious there is a man on fire sitting down, with a car in the background. But, interpretations depend on previous knowledge, shared connotations and your ideological... Continue Reading →

200 Hours

“As soon as you place a time limit on anything, you completely change that dynamic”.  (Ewan Donnachie, “Where To Next?”) In 2014 I had work experience with Riptide Magazine. In the time that I was there, they started organising their 200th issue; “200 Hours”. I remember being so amped on having an inside to Riptide... Continue Reading →

Thalassophile: a lover of the sea 

Bush to Boogin'  was the first article I ever wrote. It was published online to Riptide in 2014. That's where it all started. I had a week of work experience with the magazine company in Burleigh Heads, QLD. My love for writing began and now here I am, commencing my studies at UOW in Communication... Continue Reading →

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