Alone in the Ocean, Disconnected // The Internet Of Things

The new GoPro now includes the option of a live video. This is an awesome feature and a bit of fun! But yet again, another object is connected to the internet. The data is stored, processed and copied.

The trajectory of the internet is exciting, scary and somewhat unpredictable. Automatic golf sticks, surfboards with phones, a T-shirt with a digital screen that posts status updates and takes photos. These objects are all uniquely identifiable and connected to the internet. 

“Alone in the ocean, disconnected from his coach and fans” 

— Sorry Samsung, but when did that become a bad thing?

What does this mean for humans, as users and owners of these objects? Are we becoming lazy? Are we making ourselves less intelligent, by making connectivity more intelligent? By studying and recording behaviour and habits, it enables for objects and connectivity to work together. This eventually leads to a prediction of how we act, what we need and when we need it. 

Within my remediation, I have aimed to demonstrate that some of these objects are  unnecessary. Personally, the last thing I would want is a smart phone connected to my bodyboard, with a coach instructing me and fans cheering me on. For me, that would take away the whole enjoyment, the learning process and the feeling of achieving something by myself. This would change the experience I have in that place and what is happening around me. It would also change the way I develop an understanding of my surroundings and how to improve in the sport. Besides, who doesn’t love the “Sorry, I was in the surf!” excuse?


“The sociable object is therefore not simply a recording device for an expanding human subjectivity, but an active participant, a mediator co-constructing the newly defined social environment.”Teodor Mitew

— SophieJayne


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  1. I agree with you that the internet of things is somewhat making us all lazy and not so sociable. But your last quote is really interesting as well: [a sociable object is] a mediator co-constructing the newly defined social environment. If the things are designed to be social objects (ones that promotes the practice of socializing), than they can totally enhance our experience in a social environment.

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