Welcome to the Wild West, Or Should I Say the Internet? // Digital Resistance

“Are there any legal issues, with licensing and stuff? Or is Instagram still the wild west?”

“Instagram is the absolute Wild West right now

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The myth of the electronic frontier encouraged people to think of the internet as the “illusion of the Wild West”.

Online, it is no surprise that data is recorded. This can include random users hacking into your device and accessing your information. It is possible to take screenshots, save other people’s photos, record their online conversations and anonymously message them. Most internet users are aware of this yet continue to go on otherwise.

Offline, (in real life) it’s deemed as creepy or sometimes illegal if someone takes a photo go you, or records your conversations. 

“If it is true information we don’t care where it comes from. Let people fight the truth, and when the bodies are cleared there will be bullets of truth everywhere, thats fine” -Julian Assange

When I see a video on Kookslams, it’s guaranteed to be hysterically funny every time. But, if I were to witness half of those things in real life, I’d find myself having a heart attack and in deep fear. In relation to “life online” versus “life offline” people react in different ways. With Instagram, there is no gatekeeper keeping them from posting this content, hence the term “the wild west”.  They can freely post their content without cost of entry.



4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Wild West, Or Should I Say the Internet? // Digital Resistance

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  1. Hi Sophie,
    I agree with you, it’s definitely no surprise that our data is being recorded daily but knowing that there is a possibility other users can be accessing our information right under our nose is pretty scary. Some people may not take it seriously but I think we should always be weary of what we post on the internet.

    I love how you have used the example of Kookslams in relation to ‘life online’ and ‘life offline’. I follow this page also and couldn’t imagine the fear I’d feel if I saw that happen in real life. Thankfully for the internet we can view this content without the worry.
    Great post!

    – Em

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    1. Hey Em! Yeah, it’s like we have a “wall” between us and the people, so we can laugh and approach it as an entertaining and funny situation. Thanks for your feedback! 🙂

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  2. Hi Sophie, incorporating Kook-slams in this blog post has got me interested already! I enjoyed having a read of the interview between Kook-slams and Surfline.

    What you said about watching it online compared to seeing a wipeout like this in real life occurs to me too. A couple of weeks ago you showed me a photo of your mates arm after he got pumped at that boat ramp! That made me feel sick! I couldn’t imagine seeing it in real life. But this morning scrolling through my Instagram I have probably watched 3 videos of people getting pumped.

    This also has relation to the video of Shane Ackerman vs the bombie. But it is different because he released it and had it semi produced. Where as on Kook-slams half the people don’t know they are getting filmed/shared! (https://vimeo.com/64626562)

    I don’t know how you would feel about getting pumped at a break and later on finding that there is a video of you going viral on the internet!?

    Cheers Bodhi,

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    1. Yeah it’s a sick interview hey! I didn’t realise it was a group that don’t “reveal” themselves hahaha! I also think it’s cool they aren’t in it for the sponsorship and what not.

      Hahhaha so true, but imagine seeing a video of it!!

      Yeah, it’s like Shane embraces it and actually aims for it. We’ve all seen him get smashed over and over, but he’s not a “kook”.

      Ah that’s a good question! I think that these days I would find it funny to a certain extent. I usually try to just laugh it off when I get pumped, or make a comment like “well that wasn’t what I expected”. I think sometimes acknowledging that I can be a kook helps. But at the same time I’d like to be recognised as a serious bodyboarder and not just some joke..So I guess there’s a fine line! I mean, if I had footage of me getting pumped on a 10ft bomb go viral, I’d love it. But if it was a 2ft nose dive or a failed rock jump, it would be a different story!!


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