Thalassophile 2.0 // DA Module 2 Prototyping

My digital artefact continues to evolve and constantly sparks new ideas.

Through Instagram, Riptide Magazine and podcast‘s, I have continued to develop my digital artefact. The aim is to still promote women in bodyboarding, as it is a male dominated sport. Making different forms of media has allowed me to find an audience on other platforms. Moreover, this making stage has encouraged me to think of the bigger picture and what I want to achieve.Animated GIF-downsized_large-11.gif

Important learning moments

My audience has not changed, but this feedback doesn’t indicate that my digital artefact is failing. Bodyboarding is a male dominated sport, therefore my audience is bound to have a majority of men. To increase my following from women, I will have to reach out to those who are interested in the lifestyle that I frame.

Riptide Magazine
Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 7.50.03 pm
Riptide has also allowed me to spread my digital artefact across another platform. I have created a womens category which I can now freely post content to. This will also assist me to build my online presence.
The Youth feature element of my digital artefact is somewhat difficult to maintain, as I can not post the feature without the edited photos. This limits to when I can post and how often I can post these interviews.
Furthermore, the analytics are not detailed, therefore it is hard to identify the exact audience.
Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 7.41.15 pm
Creating podcasts has become a new element of my digital artefact. This idea came about as I had previously interviewed the professional women bodyboarders, at a world tour event in Kiama. The video quality was poor and I wasn’t completely sure about posting it.        After noticing the podcasts on Riptide currently, I noticed that there were none of the women. This sparked the idea to convert the video into just an audio file, to then upload as a podcast. I was expecting to receive less than 100 views, but it reached over 2 thousand. The most engagement came from facebook. I posted the link to the Riptide Bodyboarding Community Facebook group. It then became evident that there is an audience for bodyboarding podcasts and inspired me to do more.
However, the analytics on Patreon do not specify the age, gender or location of my audience. To overcome this, I will work towards spreading my podcasts over numerous platforms including SoundCloud, Tipeee and Subscribestar.
Animated GIF-downsized_large-13.gif
I have attempted to continue a clear mood board aesthetic within my Instagram. I have attempted to achieve this through posting 2 wave photos, 1 lifestyle photo, repeat.
As the algorithm is no longer chronological, I used Instagram stories to promote my posts and podcasts. The algorithm notices interaction with followers, so I will also aim to post more polls and other content to stories.
42654134_169873370599039_1144763544940576768_n.png42778500_325949088138189_6897792016533422080_n.png42723660_308804789915223_3585690254935326720_n.pngAnimated GIF-downsized_large.gif
I have posted two videos of myself bodyboarding and one video of a perfect, empty wave.
When analysing the analytics of the two bodyboarding videos, I was surprised that the second video received more views than the first. In my opinion, the first video has better bodyboarding content than the second. However, the second video includes a bit of scenery. This feedback tells me that when I curate videos content, I can lower the level of what I believe is quality. Ultimately, this will be beneficial as I have many videos which I have never posted, as I do not believe they are “post-worthy“.
Although the empty wave did not receive as many views as previous videos, I will continue to experiment with these. I will continue to add music to the videos, as I found in #BCM112, that the videos with music have a higher amount of likes and views.
When analysing “Craft and Digital Technology” it is evident that making content through digital technology, allows for the “emerging post-industrial culture”. Linking digital technology to craft has enabled for the audience to recognise the content with more value. To continue my digital artefact, I would like to monetise my podcasts to begin with. Therefore, for my audience to pay for content, they have to identify it’s value.

David Boyle (2003) sites a revival of craftsmanship and its products as ‘true’ representations of individuality and integrity in a culture dominated by global brands that espouse these values.



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I have continued to post bodyboarding shots, waves and lifestyle images to my Instagram account. I continued to tag my sponsors within the images and captions. However, I have found that the images with the tags in the caption, have not had as much interaction as the photos with the tags in the image itself. This became evident as I posted two very similar images, of great bodyboarding content.
I was lucky enough to have a photographer score two images of myself on a decent sized wave. The first image had a longer caption, no tags in the caption (only in the image) and received 458 likes, 47 comments and 2 shares. The second post had a shorter caption, tags within the caption and only received 247 likes.
In relation to the Instagram algorithm, analysing these posts has confirmed that it is possible to work with the algorithm in order for my content to be recognised as “quality”.



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I learned that when contacting brands, it is best to view whether they are linked with other brands or not. For example, I contacted a brand which makes bodyboarding fins and when they contacted me, they were keen for me to be a part of their team. Except, for this to occur I would have to leave my wetsuit and board sponsor and join the brands they are linked with. This is a good learning moment, as it made me recognise it is important to consider the value I can bring to the brand. In this instance, I would not benefit from changing sponsors.
Moreover, it was difficult to be certain whether some brands that contacted me were legitimate brands. I received a few messages on Instagram and as I looked into them, their brand was not entirely believable. This has demonstrated that it is important to do some research before joining with brands to collaborate.

In relation to the Future Of Organisation, I have many different platforms within my digital artefact. I will continue to attempt to identify gatekeepers so I can aim to work around them. Moreover, I will continue to build “Incentive for beneficial collaboration ” with brands that I research and identify as legitimate. My DA is fairly diverse in terms of platforms and numerous elements within it. Therefore, I will continue to explore features which “prove to be the most suitable to the content”.

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 9.50.20 pm.png


I am yet to receive the samples of the next seasons Reeflex wetsuits, therefore I have not worked on this element of my digital artefact as of yet. Looking at the big picture, I would like to create my own designs and possibly my own wetsuit brand. To do this I would need to research how to do this, the apps I would need etc. The Marketing Tools List  will become useful when researching how to design the wetsuits. The graphics on Canva may be inspirational and useful when designing a logo etc.

However, when prototyping it is important to consider that “your choice of tool is important if you are able to communicate your ideas effectively to your audience” – Todd Zaki Warfel 


–Sophie Jayne



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