Connectivity is Power // The Social Network Revolutions

“You’ve got to be silent to be spoken to. Passivity is the logic of this technology” – Richard Senett 

Power has always proven to be the factor behind successful individuals. Power is a voice that is heard instead of being spoken to.

Connectivity allows us to send a message, tweet or post across the globe in real time. Social media is a platform which is difficult to police, therefore there is no risk or cost of entry. Criticising something will not cost an individual their freedom, as it used to in monologic media.

Power through social media further expands as participation is constantly expanding. Using certain apps, or even just using the internet in general has become a “social norm”. Using different platforms, individuals can build a following, which they can influence in many ways. For example, I can structure my Instagram posts to make what I do look appealing to others. I am able to make people believe I am a relaxed surfer, with naturally blonde hair, always getting barrels and us a surf photographer too! None of that is intact true. In real life I am a complete stress head, I dye my hair, I don’t often get barrelled and I know nothing about photography. Connectivity is powerful, as people get addicted to it. I’m not suggesting my account is fake. It’s just curated content, which ultimately draws a picture of only some aspects of my life.

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 7.34.23 pm.png

Dialogic media has created new forms of power. The internet is a conversation. Society no longer gets fed by gatekeepers and filtered information. Any individual now has the power to talk back, voice their opinion and post raw, unfiltered news. Connectivity can always scale up, by introducing new platforms, online enrolment and more. For example, my digital artefact is constantly scaling up. From just building a following on Instagram and promoting brands I have introduced podcasts, posts to online magazines and more. Once you find an audience, each element can be scaled up. For example I have recently introduced tiers within my podcast posts, to now monetise my content. I have the power to prove my content has value. 



4 thoughts on “Connectivity is Power // The Social Network Revolutions

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  1. Hi Sophie,

    I think your remediation is excellent! It is funny how people assume things on the internet. My Instagram is the same… If any random internet user were to have a scroll on @bodhitodd they would assume I live down the coast and take photos of the ocean everyday! As much as I wish this was true, sadly it is not. I have structured that specific account to give off that message. I think it is interesting how you probably have some photos of you bodyboarding in mediocre surf ? These probably won’t make it to the “gram”. Although that’s all we have been getting around the gong lately. I am the same I have 1000’s of images that I won’t post either because it is not up to the standard of work on my Instagram.

    Check out the link below on how to catch out fake Instagram bloggers!

    Cheers, Bodhi


  2. With the internet having such a large population, we can in fact build a following on our social media platforms. It begs the question though, why doesn’t everyone do that? The power dynamic is interesting to look at, between those who are heard and those who are spoken to. It’s not necessarily a new thing in society, the world has always had powerful figures and people we look up to, but now individual’s have the power of being people with great influence. How we have gotten to this point where everyone can gain a following, yet not everyone has one, is interesting. Has social media found a way to balance itself out, or are we really in the same hierarchical society, just all looking up to different people?

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  3. Nice post and great remediation! You link power and connectivity back to yourself well and show how this comes across in the way you interact online. I think the way you have approach this is very unique. Your quote “the internet is a conversation” I think is an interesting fits well and illustrates how to approach having and curating any online presence.

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  4. Thanks for the post. It’s great you’re aware of the difference between what people see just from the online social profiles and the person you really are. One thing I noticed when looking at my own analytics though is that all my online communities starting with my existing base of people that I have interacted with in person throughout my life, and that the extended audience that I have acquired whilst online is just an extension of that. People with common interests, demographics, experiences etc. I think we can definitely capitalise on that when monetising etc as we already know what these people want and like, because they are pretty much a reflection of us.

    It’s a cool thing that every node has as much ability to transmit as every other.


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