The Garden of Instagram // iFeudals: big data, surveillance, permission control

My Instagram (which is also my Digital Artefact), could be seen as a walled garden, within a walled garden. 

Animated GIF-downsized_large-3.gif

To elaborate, a walled garden is often referred to as platform which contains filtered content. I choose what I post to Instagram, therefore my content in curated. I carefully observe similar accounts which help me to choose images to frame a perception and create association chains, with those who have similar interests. 

“Quite often, Disney’s great genius, his spark of creativity, was built upon the work of others”

Walled gardens also guarantee quality, just as I do when I crop and edit my images. I can use Instagram Stories for the content that isn’t “post-worthy”. 

So, is a walled garden really the “internet”?

NO. My instagram account is not. I can choose who to follow, unfollow or block. I have surveillance over the age range, gender, and location of my followers. Furthermore, I can remove posts and change any information displayed on my account. 

“The old internet is shrinking and being replaced by walled gardens”
John Batelle

Outside of my walled garden, is the garden of Instagram. The owner has my content, can offer upgrades and protect me as a user, from “the big bad net”.

So what lies outside the “wall” of Instagram? Facebook.


2 thoughts on “The Garden of Instagram // iFeudals: big data, surveillance, permission control

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  1. Hi Soph,
    Great remediation you made! it really conveys the concept of the walled garden with great visuals. I also liked how you explained how the walled garden concept relates back to your own DA. This made me consider my own wall garden within my DA, and how I thoroughly focus on the content I put out there for my audience to see. How I choose to deliver quality of quantity.


  2. Hey! That is a great point of how walled gardens are trapped inside other walled gardens. This can be explained, again, using the concept of stacks, in which each platform has its foundation of data –> technology infrastructure –> different levels of community. So I guess you can say that lying outside the walls of Facebook is the massive cloud of data that perpetuate how the algorithm on Facebook works!

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