The Toe Dip That (Eventually) Gave Swell Chasers Hope – The Transatlantic Cable

As a surfer, I can not bear the thought of not knowing the local forecast, let alone global. So many surfers and photographers rely on these forecasts to schedule in their time chasing waves.

Nothing’s more satisfying than finding out that Aussie Pipe is going to be pumping, whilst the Gong remains at a sad 1ft.

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 6.00.10 pm.png

Within my remediation, I aimed to simply display the benefits of technology including underwater cables. I further attempted to explore the ups and downs within the creation of a stable communication system.

In relation to the first Transatlantic cable, the invention has somewhat shaped media technology and enhanced global communication.

“One of the first messages that came through the transatlantic telegraph cable when it opened in the mid 19th century was The Queen has a cold”.


Although the first cable was discontinued due to a delay in messages, it was essentially a “toe dip” to test the ‘water’ of communication technology. 

So thank you to those inventors. For scheduling my mornings, days off and surf trips! 


All the swell chasers



2 thoughts on “The Toe Dip That (Eventually) Gave Swell Chasers Hope – The Transatlantic Cable

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  1. Hey Sophie,
    I really like the clip that you made I can relate to it very easily! I don’t think the Transatlantic cable was built with the thought of instant surf reports and live cams being available 24/7. I am very glad the transatlantic cable has essentially evolved and that information is now available. The transatlantic cable had obvious issues such as the speed and lack of access to the public hence it being forgotten about. Issues such as surf cams not working are still current today! ( I don’t think any method of communication will ever be perfect. But what is the future for surf forecasting ? how far into the future can we accurately predict swells. Wouldn’t it be great if we could have a rough idea for next winter right now!



    1. SO true! I swear there are so many cameras with issues on Swellnet. Did you see also that they’re only giving a 3 day forecast for free?? So annoying hahaha
      It’s a touchy subject as well with many surfers who do not want their “secret” surf spots put onto Swellnet, Magic Seaweed etc. But if they predicted swells that far into the future it would be so beneficial when trying to chase swells and book holidays !!


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