F r e e z e // Framing & Constructing Perception

Framing is a useful tool when creating an online image. “The medium is the message“, so you can basically post your way to being almost anything you want – as long as you  utilise selection and salience to frame it correctly. You have to consider the difference between viewing media and making media. The aim is to creative an online presence where you control how you are perceived.

If you take a frame grab from a bodyboarding clip, you can make others believe you scored the barrel of your lifetime.

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My remediation depicts a bodyboarder admired by many – Shane Ackerman. He is known for being a big wave charger and a tendency to appear “suicidal” when doing so. Ackerman truly surfs Without Limits.

As Meng Shi explored, if you approach this video with a pre-existing expectation of Ackerman, you know that he often wipes out on these huge waves. Your perception frame would also understand the ideology behind bodyboarding and would recognise his talent and confidence. This is achieved through your own “personal experience, interaction with peers and interpreted selections from the media”. If you aren’t aware, you may think Ackerman just wipes out – big time!



Framing essentially involves selection and salience. To frame is to select some aspects of aperceived reality and make them more salient in a com- municating text, in such a way as topromote aparticularproblem defini- tion, causal interpretation, moral evaluation, and/or treatment recom- mendation for the item described.”

–Sophie Jayne

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 7.01.28 pm





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  1. Great deconstruction of the topic, and really refreshing to see the idea of framing applied to something beyond the usual digital media context. One point: the videos don’t appear to be working – has there been an issue with some kind of copyright claim?


    1. Hey! Thanks for the feedback. I can view the videos so I’m not sure what I’ve done! I’ll see if I can fix it 🙂


  2. I really enjoyed reading your blog this week! I liked that you related it back to something you enjoy and used an example you have an interest in. Your post was easy to read and follow and I liked that you included extra links. I also agree that due to pre-existing schemas and ideology’s, people are placed into a “perception frame”. Your remediation was very interesting to watch and you explained it well to help the reader understand. Thanks so much for sharing.

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  3. Hey Sohpie,

    I think the idea that you explored here is really cool, using a person that you already know about is a great example of the mindset of a perception frame. The videos and examples that you used perfectly tie in to what your talking about and the way you explain your ideas truly show you understand what is being explored. The remediation as always is awesome and also helped me understand your ideas.


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