Why Everything is a Game of Jenga // Trajectories of convergence III

No matter what we do, there is always an element that must be stable in order for things to operate.

My remediation displays this concept, in terms of bodyboarding. If you take away the fins and wetsuit you could still bodyboard. If you take away the board you could use an esky lid. If you take away the waves, you could still wallow around in the shallows.

But, if you take the ocean out of the equation, you aren’t going bodyboarding.

Jonathan Zittrain explored how media technologies create their own stacks and choose whether their platform can be modified, or contributed to. The affordances of technology  allows for modification in stacks. For example, Apple 2 was designed for people to contribute to. The idea’s of others ultimately led to their huge success.

“These technologies can let geeky outsiders build upon them just as they could with PCs, but in a highly controlled and contingent way.” – Jonathan Zittrain




5 thoughts on “Why Everything is a Game of Jenga // Trajectories of convergence III

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  1. Hey Sophie, your blog post this week is well done. I love how you incorporated your own passion for bodyboarding with the lecture topic this week as it gives your post a more personal touch. The other texts you hyperlink throughout your post also help myself in terms of understanding the topic as well as giving different examples of stacks. I also think your weekly remediation of the meme/game of Jenga perfectly describe stacks and how they function. In terms of your blog post and writing there is nothing to fault so keep up the great work!

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  2. Hey, great blog post! I was also very intrigued by the concept of ‘stacks’ and how important they are. Relating the topic to your passion of bodyboarding was done tremendously, as it was very engaging and quite funny aswell. Backing up you’re statements with relatable sources is the perfect way to give the audience a chance to check out the back story. This post was enjoyable to read, and I advise that your future posts are constructed in a similar way to this one. Keep it up!

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  3. Hey Sophie, I really enjoyed this blog. The idea of ‘stacks’ is not something to get your head around easily but you have broken it down to make it easy. The Idea of using Jenga, is a great touch. It clearly states that without a base everything ‘stacked’ on top would crumble. You have included relatable sources to back up your point, you have a heading that attracts attention and a topic picture that clearly explains your point. This post was enjoyable to read and easy to understand. Apart from me not being able to view the first video, I can’t find anything of fault. Great blog, looking forward to reading more from you.

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  4. Hey! Awesome blog yet again. I always find your blogs engaging as you can always find a way to incorporate your passion of bodyboarding into them. You chose a creative way of explaining stacks, and I read your blog prior to writing my own, and your blog summarised and help me understand the concept. Great work and use of examples!
    Ashlan x


  5. Hi Sophie,
    Amazing blog post! You gave a really accurate and concise description of ‘stacks’ that gave the exact amount of information needed to understand this post. I love the way you incorporate your passion for bodyboarding into your blog, and it has paid off with your spot at Riptide! The video you made is great. It was clear, concise and comedic, further exploring the importance of stacks and how they can be used to break down almost anything. I love your use of hyperlinks to allow the audience to go into further depth than necessary for this post. Keep up the great work.
    Cheers, Asher

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