Your Online Presence is a Narrative // Transmedia storytelling

Transmedia narratives create a unified world around a topic. It also leads people to investigate further. 

Instagram doesn’t allow for links within the caption of a post. However, the link can be added in the profile bio for the audience to investigate. This begins the transmedia story.

“A transmedia world not necessarily must be fictional; it can be our own Earth” –Gianluca Fiorelli

My remediation displays the ‘tunnels’ that my followers can take, to find information about me – all beginning with one simple post. Viewing my profile, buying the brands I advertise, reading my articles, knowing where I live, my age, relationship status, where I surf etc.

I recently posted this image to instagram:


The aesthetics within the photo depict that Riptide is about bodyboarding and I am the Youth Editor. There is no explainer to this. So, how does the transmedia narrative evolve? I simply add a link into my bio for my viewers to investigate.

“Transmedia storytelling is the ideal aesthetic form for an era of collective intelligence.” – Henry Jenkins 






One thought on “Your Online Presence is a Narrative // Transmedia storytelling

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  1. Hi Sophie!
    First things first, you’ve created a really good blog post this week simply because you have thought outside of the box. You took the idea of transmedia storytelling and instead of applying it to a gargantuan company like Disney, you brought the focus down to individual people. Your argument of links stringing everything together is a particularly accurate analysis. Your remediation in the gif style very successfully indicates the flow of multifaceted content across all of your social media platforms! Well done!
    In terms of constructive feedback, maybe you may want to consider including a few more links for extra reading? I think that this video may be I fitting with your interpretation:
    Other than that, the only other thing that I can suggest for the future is to continue with your abstract take on these topics- it keeps it fresh, personal and real, which makes your readers like your posts even more! Congrats.

    Liked by 1 person

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