Girl Goss – Rio Clark

Rio Clark is a boogie babe from the west Oz region. Motherhood was always a life goal for her which seemed out of reach. Ultimately, being pregnant and out of the surf became a huge challenge, especially as there is consistent surf right at her doorstep. This took a toll on Rio as an ocean lover and was hard work mentally, yet such a special experience. 

“I have taken 5 months out, the funny thing is that at the time it seemed so huge and now I look on it like, wow five months of life. That’s not much. That’s ok. The main thing I missed was the day to day fun of our lifestyle. I had to choose a broader perspective from day one to stay sane walking past pumping Supertubes. Previously my entire lifestyle revolved around waves, hunting spots for the best conditions and most of my friendships were in the water. The fulfilment of becoming a parent has allowed me to step into the next phase of life and to appreciate what I have already achieved in bodyboarding so much more than I did before!”


As we all can relate to different scenarios impacting our outlook on life and bodyboarding in general, Rio’s perspective changed over the time of becoming a Mum. She has always lived by example and considers herself to be so fortunate living with pumping waves close by.

“My perspective has changed now to asking myself, what I can contribute to our lifestyle as a bodyboarder as opposed to what I am getting from my lifestyle as a bodyboarder.

I never truly appreciated how much I endured being almost always the only female out in the water.

What excites me is to show women; mothers and their children how they can go out there and have fun, surf in heavy waves and be respected amongst the boys and the men in a way that allows them to be honoured as women and enjoy the ocean!! 

I have pumping waves on my door step and so I will definitely be out there. Still gotta do the do and not live in the past. We’ll have a shelter set up on the shore and take turns out in the surf. Fun times are ahead!”





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