I Am the Lecturer Now // Copyright

In the digital world, every operation involves copying. The Copyright Act is ignored as internet users remix and recreate content.

Within my remediation I copy Travis Wall word for word, as he discusses my previous blog post. He didn’t specify that his words were in the Public Domain, so therefore my remediation is an infringement of copyright.

So why do Internet users knowingly break the law?

Collective intelligence adds pressure on the Copyright Act, as it’s now harder to monitor the amount of copied content online. Often, the worst consequence is an infringement notice and having the video taken down. The Takedown Hall of Shame displays numerous cases of online content that has been taken down, along with receiving an infringement notice. The website argues that:

“trademark complaints have threatened all kinds of creative expression on the Internet”.

Remix culture purely exists by taking other people’s content and remixing it. If the internet is a machine for making more internet, then how will it survive if Copyright Law gets tougher?



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  1. Hey Sophie! I love this blog post and I think your weekly remediation of Soundcloud is so clever. It highlights the idea of remix culture as well as copyright. I also love the way you have broken up the text of your blog post as it makes it simple and easy to read. The way you have incorporated quotes from academics is clever I might have to start doing that in my posts from now on. I think the question you pose at the end of your post is a simple question however we as content creators are not thinking about it all too often. In general, I think internet remixing will always be around and even with tougher laws, policing it is just not practical. There are too many people on the internet constantly creating new content on many different platforms however I am curious to see how the future will evolve. Overall, you have created a strong and sustained post which I can’t fault so keep up the great work!

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  2. Your remediation was so clever! I really enjoyed listening to it and had a little laugh as well. You’ve got a clear and thorough understanding of the content discussed in the lecture which is shown throughout your blog post. You’ve engaged the audience from the beginning as the layout of your blog makes it really easy to comprehend and stay attentive too. The quotes you have included have supported your perspective and enabled further thought of the topic. You have highlighted this with asking a question at the end. Essentially everything we create has already been created we’re just slightly altering it, so will we ever run out of content or we will just continue to remediate everything on the internet already? The only suggestion I have is that you could hyperlink a youtube video explaining copyright to keep an engagement as some people may not be bothered reading the official Copyright Act, although I understand why you included an official document. Overall you created a valid and enticing blog, great job!

    I know its not an academic source but a perfect example of how things stay the same they are just slightly altered.

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    1. Thankyou! I took your advice and added in a more engaging link. No one wants to read the act lets be real! hahah thanks again for your feedback 🙂


  3. Hey Sophie great blog post! Your use of SoundCloud was really clever, and it definitely highlights how often people take work from others online, with very little care about the consequences they may face. It’s wrong, but it is also so normal in today’s society that we have almost become desensitized to the severity of copyright. I know I don’t view it as a serious crime since everyone around me doesn’t either! So I think copyright laws are going to have to work around our new found love for remix culture; instead of forcing society to comply with their outdated laws.


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