Fake it Til You Make it Kook // Meme Warfare & Remix Culture

It’s possible to change the way you are perceived, through memes.

I’m not suggesting to post funny pictures on the internet. I’m talking about memetic’s in the form of objects, clothing, brands and social media.

Meme warfare utilises ideas to subtlety throw back and forth messages, ultimately creating an “image”.

For example, my remediation displays the ultimate guide to the bodyboarder image. All these elements act as memes. A board, leash, wetsuit, flippers, waves, #lifesbetterwithaboog and mention of a shark siting, is all you need within your Instagram post.


“Film it or it didn’t happen” is a phrase often used within the bodyboarding scene.

Without footage, how can you prove it happened?

Fight the “kook” image with memes. For example, I can post a frame grab from a clip where I’m in the barrel. Little do you know that my head was decapitated two seconds later, by the lip of the wave.

Listen to this from 9:01 to explore how memetic warfare can “win wars, win hearts and win minds”.




One thought on “Fake it Til You Make it Kook // Meme Warfare & Remix Culture

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  1. The idea of “meme warfare” I think is brushed off as a lot of people as an idea that is funny or not actually capable of powering a message. Your discussion clearly shows that this isn’t actually the case and the content you have created only highlights this power. Your starter pack is really funny and well done and the podcast your provided was really interesting too. Finally the fact that you disclaimed what actually happened in the video of you really highlights how easy it is change the way we are perceived.

    As usual Sophie, amazing post.


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