How do you feel about charging Kiama Bombie? / Trajectories of convergence

The paradigm from consuming content to producing it, introduces open ended media. Internet users can change how an audience perceives a video.

My remediation seeks different emotions. I repeat the same clip, but with different music, speed and filters.

  1. An intense scene with bold colours.
  2. Switching to an ‘old film’ filter, dramatised by the one and only “Hymm to the Sea”. Did he die? I can make you think so.
  3. What a man! He did that on purpose!
  4. That wave is dynamite. Will he win the fight?

The affordances of the media means I can take this “one to many” digital clip and create a “many to many” structure.

Similarly, this video depicts the war zone in Syria as a constant battle. The footage has been mashed into a 4 minute video, but happened over a few months. The added music portrays the clip as a video game.

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 11.16.02 am.png

Intense, dead, confident or insane? Either way, Shane Ackerman charged that one!



One thought on “How do you feel about charging Kiama Bombie? / Trajectories of convergence

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  1. As someone who actually struggled to understand the idea of trajectories of convergence, the video you made using different edits was absolutely eye opening! Not only was it actually really cool, it made a switch flip in my brain and helped me understand the concept a lot better. As interesting as the concept is, your edits made me think about how the media can use this technique to sway opinions, which is actually pretty terrifying. I’ll have to be on the look out for that.

    Really enlightening read, thank you!


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