Movement of Waves and Media

A majority of the population has ditched traditional media and shifted towards online media platforms. It’s hard to believe that in Australia alone, “21 daily newspapers across Australia’s eight capital cities” in 1903 (Dwyer 2016). Online media is cheaper, faster and more convenient.

My News comes in the form of photo’s, weather and social media. Within the bodyboarding community, we’re all tracking, documenting and dreaming about the best waves hitting the coast.

We track swells, cyclones, winds, storms, tides and sand banks.


How would any of this be achieved without news?

News doesn’t just come from Television, Radio and Newspapers. Personally I don’t pay attention to the news on TV, unless I hear a murmur of a cyclone or “rough, dangerous seas”.

Magazine companies provide numerous forms of news. We can be inspired to search for waves, book a surf trip, read about the time a Brazilian bodyboarder got shot, past and upcoming competitions and peek into the lives of professional bodyboarders. These magazines are often backed up by social media.

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 4.20.22 pm
(Movement Magazine Instagram)

Movement Magazine is back. A bodyboard specific magazine, bringing back print. How do magazines survive this digital age? (McIntosh 2017)

Well, Ben Player is running the business, to keep you frothing, keep us frothing”  (Movement Facebook Page). Player is a professional in the bodyboard landscape. Three time world champion and bodyboarder of the year in 2014 (Bodyboard King)

Although Ben Player runs the magazine, he does not create all the content.

Each segment credit’s the writers, bodyboarders and photographers, even in the advertisements. This enables us to trust the brands within the magazine, as we can see it is used by professionals. To truly grasp the content and its credibility, you have to be aware of the professionals, the brands and bodyboarding in general.

 Movement has adjusted to the modern media industry, classifying themselves as a “daily media zone, website and printed bi-annual exploration into hi fi bodyboarding”. 

(Bodyboard King, Facebook)

The Movement instagram page is filled with photos and videos. Along with 15.5 thousand followers, I find myself scrolling endlessly through the content. It drives me mad that the location of many waves remains a secret. Yet it somewhat proves that Movement is even more credible. They never ‘big note’ world class waves. This leaves no room to lie about the location as an attempt to get more viewers.

Owned by a previous world champ, interviews with the pro’s, along with photographic evidence of waves, the credibility of the magazine is unquestionable.

I will always trust Movement magazine and I will be forever searching for the wave on the front cover of Issue #43!

(Movement Magazine Issue #43)



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