‘The Medium is the Message’ // Trajectories of Convergence

giphyI created this remediation to depict how content within a magazine (particularlybodyboarding) can now be found directly through the use of technology.

My remediation amplifies the convergence by showing the ‘old’ way of reading a magazine and colliding it with perspective of a smart phone.

The transition from analog to digital now allows consumers to participate with the content by directly accessing brands, sending in content, sharing content over other media platforms etc.

This hyper access can include online updates and reports, links to other videos and webpages and even live footage.

Online content scales up the magazine as links are directly added to the stories, making brands and other content more accessible. Posts can be done daily, rather than all in one magazine.

From “page turning” to “finger swiping”, the audience has migrated to a new platform, which now allows them to interact with the content.

The ‘old’ medium forever lives, embedded in a new platform. 



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