200 Hours

“As soon as you place a time limit on anything, you completely change that dynamic”. 

(Ewan Donnachie, “Where To Next?”)

In 2014 I had work experience with Riptide Magazine. In the time that I was there, they started organising their 200th issue; “200 Hours”.

I remember being so amped on having an inside to Riptide Magazine. As a frothing grom, what more could you want?


The idea was to document a range of bodyboarding content within 200 hours. Riptide had the intent to produce a magazine using these world wide contributions, from amateur bodyboarders and photographers.

The logic behind the idea was that somewhere, at any given time, people were enjoying what the ocean had to offer. This opportunity allowed them to showcase their talent without necessarily being a pro rider or journalist.

 It was raw content that was to be pulled into a one off magazine.

I witnessed the excitement and nervousness of the editors, Dave and Jake, when bouncing around their ideas and possibilities that may evolve from the audience. It really was an eye-opener and ultimately inspired my love for writing. I watched Dave create the title that was displayed on the mag and I heard the calls Jake made to chase photographers and writers.


I wanted to get amongst it. Grasp it and shake it up like a snow globe. The way they engaged their audience was unique because anyone had the potential to be apart of the 200th issue.

It made me recognise why I am so intrigued by this industry and the freedom journalists have. It seems that the level of creativity and risk’s that come with journalism, have no beginning nor end.

The only uncertainty was how it would all unfold. What if everyone thought, “pfft…Riptide won’t post what I send in. It’s not good enough”.

They could’ve been up shit creek without a paddle. (Or should I say without flippers?)


When the magazine was published, I couldn’t have gotten my hands on it quicker. It was freakin’ epic. Amazing waves, incredible photos, stories and inspiring talent. All wrapped up in 112 pages.


Suitably named, “Howling At The Moon”, was taken at 10:30pm by Alex Ormerod. It made its way to the front cover of the magazine. 

Before opening the magazine, I was already convinced…

“One thing to do before you die – surf at night!”

And that… because of 200 Hours,

I will someday do.


Hopefully there aren’t too many sharks…


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