Thalassophile: a lover of the sea 

Bush to Boogin’  was the first article I ever wrote. It was published online to Riptide in 2014. That’s where it all started. I had a week of work experience with the magazine company in Burleigh Heads, QLD. My love for writing began and now here I am, commencing my studies at UOW in Communication and Media.


Since then I have gained some sponsors and competed in many more competitions.

My first sponsor 4PlayBodyboards, encouraged me to start chasing more.

Although I just free surf now, I’ve joined QCD Boards, Reeflex wetsuits, Gypsea Swimwear and Tree Hugger Surf Wax.


Reeflex Wetsuits created a womens range, which I helped to design and even have 2  springsuits named after me. The company is run by one of, if not the best, bodyboarders of all time – Ryan Hardy. His performance and attitude towards the sport is inspiring, which has made a huge impact on the bodyboarding community and culture.

You can find the Sophie-Jayne wetsuits here. (They’re on sale too!)


In 2017, I had a gap year where I worked as a Teachers Aide as well as a Retail and Cafe assistant. I worked pretty much every day of the week, but rewarded myself by travelling in the holidays. A surf trip to NZ, Bali (x2) and a road trip out west made it all worthwhile.

My love for travel developed by the many trips my parents took me on as I was growing up. You’ll hear much more about these experiences in post’s to come.


But for now, check out Bush to Boogin’. It’s a few years old and I hadn’t had much writing experience at the time, but it covers the very beginning of my bodyboarding addiction and my diagnosis as a deep-dyed ocean lover.


Sophie Jayne




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